Corporate Flu Vaccination

Flu Fighters make vaccinating your staff against seasonal flu a simple procedure. Just tell us the time, place and number of influenza vaccinations required and we do the rest. Our experienced team of nurses deliver a fully mobile flu vaccination service wherever you are in the UK with minimum disruption. Our nurses have all the equipment needed and we will ensure all the influenza vaccinations are delivered to the highest possible clinical standards. Once you have decided to offer your employees the perk of a flu jab, we help you achieve maximum take-up levels. We help to ensure that your staff understand the health benefits that flu jabs can offer both at work and at home. The best time to vaccinate your staff is between October and December.

What to expect on the Day?

On your chosen day the trained nurse(s) will arrive 15 minutes before the flu vaccination service is due to begin, with all the medical equipment required, and will ensure the vaccinations are delivered to the highest clinical standard disruption to you and your staff is minimal. It only takes a couple of minutes for the nurse to give the flu vaccination – through a small injection in the upper arm.

All we require from you is:

  • A private room
  • Two chairs
  • A table
  • Access to a telephone
  • Drinking water
  • A washbasin
  • If there are windows in the room, blinds or curtains to provide staff privacy